Delta Reefer Care B.V.

The core task of Delta Reefer Care is "the standard reefer service" at the terminals of ECT. The overall service of DRC however is more extensive: maintenance, (emergency) repairs and other terminal-base related activities, can be carried out quickly and efficiently by DLC, due to our 24/7 presence on site.
For example: the airconditioners that make it possible for  both people and machinery on the cranes to operate properly, are serviced and or repaired by installation engineers of Dock Climate Control. Just like Delta Reefer Care, this special service is also available 24/7.
Our expert staff also supplies "around the clock" service at the terminals. For instance a perfect example is the peg fitting, which Delta Reefer Care employees have been carrying out for several years. The pens are fitted on the carriages and inspected in accordance with a loadingplan, to make sure that  the loading process for the containers can continue efficiently and without problems.

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