Ronald McDonald Childfoundation

A sick child cannot do without its parents. As a parent, you need to be as close as possible to your child that has fallen ill. When a child is disabled, it is very important for the child to be able to do as many things as their peers do. For 30 years the "Ronald McDonald childfoundation" has been able to help sick and disabled children and there relatives.
Thanks to 15 "Ronald McDonald" homes in the Netherlands, sick children always have their parent close by. 
A comforting and save feeling for both child and parent. These homes are located  near all university hospitals, some near regional hospitals with an extensive regional function and one child psychiatric institution. Ronald McDonald homes have made it possible for 5.120 families to stay the night, alreay 63.275 times last year.
In 9 Ronald McDonald livingrooms, located in several hospitals, families can find some rest in a homely environment. Disabled children  like to go on a holiday as well as any other child.
Ronald Mc Donald has made this possible by building 4 custom accomodations.
Ronald Mc Donald houses and holiday resorts don't receive any kind of government support. They are entirely dependent on donations and the help of volunteers.
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