Pameijer is a charity that supports vulnerable people, young and old. For example, with a (slight) mental disability or psychosocial or psychological problems. Every day we support over 4,500 clients, thanks to our 2,000 employees and 500 volunteers. Working together, we like to work together with our partners, sponsors, and volunteers.


The Smith Group supports the Herenplaats, one of the great projects of Pameijer. The Herenplaats is a gallery/studio for artists with disabilities. A large number of them are nominated for prizes and exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad. Their work is represented in collections of collectors.

Atelier Herenplaats offers a training program for drawing, painting and graphics. The studio has skilled and specialized supervisors on staff who encourage the audience to become an artist.Through selection, talent scouting and training workshops Herenplaats contributes to talent development, empowerment and quality.

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